Is It Just Me?

Today I woke up feeling the overwhelming pressure of fifth grade.  My son went to bed last night 2 1/2 hours after his bed time and still wasn’t done with his homework.  He finished this morning before the first bell rang.  That’s not ok.  Why do I feel like if he fails on an assignment I’m the one getting the bad grade? a grade that says I’m a bad mom, a mom that doesn’t know how to help her kid, a failure?  Is it just me?

Yesterday, I made it a point to print the homework assignments from the teacher’s website and brought it to school at pick up time just to make sure the kid didn’t forget one more thing – because God forbids he forgets a sheet of paper,  that’s 3 points taken off his monthly points and we know how important those points are.  It  was one of the few days we had all we needed at homework time, so on we went to do homework.  I say “we” because that’s exactly what happens in this house, WE do homework.  After a full day of school my boy comes home, has a snack and seats at the kitchen table to do homework and there I am next to him.

I re-teach math, which by the way you guys here in the States teach math totally different from the way it’s done in Dominican Republic – just saying.  So I seat with my iPad and goggle stuff all afternoon long so I can first understand the way it’s done here and then re-teach it to my son in the way I know he understands. Once that’s done he goes on to do his “G.P,I.P. and P.P”  and at this point all I’m thinking about is a S.P…A Shot of Patron that is.

Projects that are due, essays that need to be drafted, assessments and all that sss…stuff has landed me in therapy. Yes, it has.   I need to learn to relax and let him do what he needs to do, what he can do and be flexible.  The question is How early in the day can one start drinking? Hey, it’s got to be 5 o’clock somewhere 🙂

til next time


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