“Today I’m Doing Nothing”

Yesterday was a weird day.  It could have been the fact that it was Wednesday (mid-week) or the cramps that were torturing me since the night before. Whatever it the reason, it was just weird.

After dropping off the kids at school I came home.  I could not find the strength to do anything on my list and there was no way I was going to workout with the cramps I had. I looked inside bedrooms and saw unmade beds so I closed the doors. I saw a pile of laundry screaming “wash me!” so I kicked it to a corner. I said to myself, “today I’m doing nothing”. Please note that when I say “today”, I mean my 5-hour day (refer to “Not One Of Those Days” post). I decided to catch up on one of my favorite shows on TV, PARENTHOOD. I felt like a rebel and even had a grin on my face.  I made myself a cappuccino and sat on my throne (after all, I’m a queen). I turned on the DV-R and started to watch.  Can you believe I couldn’t focus on the show? I kept going back to the picture of unmade beds and the laundry was screaming louder and louder “Cynthiaaaa, wash me!”. At the same time, I looked down at my bloated stomach and realized it was a bad idea to have skipped my workout.  I couldn’t take it. I got up, made the beds and put the laundry in the washer.  And no I didn’t workout.   Before I knew it, it was time to get the kids.

Got the kids and came home to feed them a snack and get homework done before tennis.  As we sat down to start homework, on one side my daughter excitingly talked about the Cello she is about to start learning in orchestra, while my son urgently handed me a bunch of papers that needed to be signed. My day was over and here I was regretting not taking just one moment to do nothing.  While indulging in my regret, I looked at my daughter and, in my mind, I muted her. Then looked at the papers in front of me and imagined laser beams coming out of my eyes and burning them.  That’s when it happened.  Like sent from up above, like if all the planets decided to align for me, I received a text. A text from a woman to whom I will refer to as “wise woman” due to the wisdom behind her words as she asked: ” Can you have a drink at 6:15? ” To what I eagerly replied “Ah YES!”

I served dinner and my hubby took over finishing homework with the kids. I put on some blush and got the heck out – I couldn’t wait!   We had a fun time filled with laughter and great conversation.  When I got home, my kitchen was immaculate, kids were in bed and they had even laid out their clothes for the next  day. It was beautiful and all I could think was “Who should I have a drink with tomorrow?”

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