Blog Action Day: The Power of WE – WE CAN BE THEIR FREEDOM

Bare with me, this post is different. We’ll go back to my crazy life tomorrow.

Today is “Blog Action Day”  and the theme this year is “The Power of WE”.  Some of you know that I’m a human rights advocate that fights Human Trafficking.  I couldn’t pass the opportunity to shed some light on this global epidemic problem.  I believe we can make a difference by just educating ourselves on this issue. Once we know, we are responsible for change.  WE can make an impact by talking about it or by supporting organizations that work to eradicate this malignant social tumor.  Human Trafficking is an organized criminal industry that affects every nation. Whilst the statistics can be overwhelming, it is important to remember that every number represents the life of a victim. MORE THAN 27 MILLION PEOPLE ARE SLAVED TODAY.  HumanTrafficking is happening in The United States at this very moment and the more we expose it the less power it will have.

We can be the voice of those whose voices have been silenced by threat and fear. We can be the answer to their desperate cry.  We can be that little ray of hope that carries them through another day.  WE CAN BE THEIR FREEDOM.

This is the story of just one person.  It could have been you, your daughter or someone dear to you.

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  1. eof737 says:

    It is global and it is growing… Thanks for sharing . 😉

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