The New Member of the Family

For a few months now, my daughter has been expressing her wanting to learn how to play an instrument. I asked what instrument she was interested in and she said drums. “DRUMS!, really honey? Are you sure?”  all I could think about was, afternoons and saturday mornings filled with non stop thunder. Couldn’t she pick something else? A few days passed and she came to me and told me she had changed her mind.  She wanted to learn to play the guitar. “YES!” I play a little  so I happily volunteered to teach her everything I know to see if she really liked it. We did one lesson and she changed her mind.

At school there is an orchestra program where kids can learn an orchestra instrument and then perform at the end of the year.  Once she found out about the program she couldn’t think about anything else. I was really interested in knowing what instrument she wanted to learn this time, so I asked her. Her reply?  “the trumpet”.  “THE TRUMPET!” right away I could see it in my mind . Coming home from school, getting through homework and then having to endure through the sound of a crying hungry elephant for an hour everyday or until my collapse. I couldn’t tell her no, I’m her mother.  I’m supposed to encourage her and support her, right? Thankfully, since they were so many kids interested in the program, she needed to list her top three choices of instruments to play and so I helped her choose 😛

She listed violin, which I liked because is cute and girly.  Trombone, Really! Is this a conspiracy to land me in a mental institution? and Cello. I liked cello, I figured it wouldn’t be scratchy sounding like a violin being played by an inexperienced child, and  at least you can see her face instead of being buried under a giant horn. I crossed my fingers and hoped for a good outcome. Well, today we welcomed the new member of the family “The Cello”. She came home did her homework and since then she hasn’t stopped practicing.  She calls it “her baby”. Yes, I have a headache. This thing sounds like ten humming cockatoos and now I’m starting to believe that maybe her playing the drums wasn’t such a bad idea after all because at least I could walk to the beat and make a workout out of it. She is happy and that’s what really matters.

I don’t know if this cello thing will ever work for me, too early to tell but I know is working for the dogs. Cheers to that 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The New Member of the Family

  1. wildinvirginia says:

    Ha ha ha … my almost 2 yr old LOVES her music and is already an ‘air drummer’ so I have a feeling. We walked past a music store this weekend and while our friends kids were glued to the window of the pet store, mine was pinned against the window display of glittery drums. Her great uncle made her one before she was a year and she loves it! I pray for anything but a violin… my little brother chose that and although I’ve never heard a bag of cats trying to claw their way out of a bag whilst drowning in a river, I think I’d know it if I heard it. I think mine will choose drums or maybe a double base… she loves blue grass and it stands to reason the tiniest child will pick the largest instrument doesn’t it? Happy Jamming 🙂

  2. Marie says:

    When you listed the 3 instruments, I was really rooting for the cello. Awesome!

  3. Alicia S. says:

    That’s an awesome choice. A friend of mine played the cello growing up an always loved it. Good luck!

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