Today I found out that my daughter’s friend’s dad passed away last Friday. He was not sick, he was only 43 years old.  He was coaching his daughter’s soccer team when he collapsed.  He woke up that day and went on to do everything like he normally did, not knowing it was his last day.

I wonder what would have been done differently had he and his family known it was his last day.  Would he had taken an extra minute that morning to actually look at his kids and wish them a good day? Would he had told his wife one more “I love you”? Would he had gone to work and let his co-workers know how much he appreciated them? Would he had let that little comment bother him? Would he had let the person at the stop sign go first? I wonder what would he had done differently had he known.

And, what about those left behind? Would they had told him how appreciated he was?  Would they had taken the time to ask him what was bothering him instead of judging him for being grumpy? Would they had just taken one more second to put their arms around his shoulders and say thank you?  I don’t know what kind of relationship they had, maybe they did take the time to be present in each other’s lives but, I don’t really know.
All I know is, I go day to day sweating the small stuff and sometimes forgetting  what is really important.  The reality is, life is like a flower, in the morning it blooms and by the time evening comes, after the sun hits it and winds blow at it, is dead. Life is so fragile. I must prepare to live a hundred years but I will live today like is my last.

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  1. Mommabel says:

    I recently started to contact estranged family members in light of a friend’s recent sudden passing. So far only one has responded. I know each day that I am fine with the way I am living my life, I know that I am doing the best that I can and if I should suddenly pass, everyone knows that I love them and how much I appreciate them. Life is so very fragile.

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