PJs and Waffles

My daughter had a sleepover last night.  Her close friend and classmate came over last night around seven and from that moment on they were playing and laughing. They giggled until two in the morning and by six thirty this morning I could hear them talking. Of course I ignored them and went back to sleep and I think they did too after a while.
My sister came over around eleven and at that time the girls got up asking for breakfast. Waffles, eggs and turkey bacon (which I slightly burned but hey…)
My son would appear every so often but would hide back in his room because,  you know, girls are annoying.  Let’s see what he thinks in a few years 🙂
Camila’s little cute friend left around two and we just stayed home relaxing.  That’s what I like about having them home, we can just go with the flow and be. It’s time to take the dogs for that walk we never get to take…I figure we’ll do it today. And after that is an episode of Nashville and a glass of merlot 🙂
I’m so thankful for today, CHEERS!

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7 thoughts on “PJs and Waffles

  1. B. L. Crisp says:

    Sounds like a lovely evening, followed by a relaxing day. Sleepovers are totally awesome. My son had one recently, and apparently he and his friend decided they would sleep under the bed. They made the most delicious carrot cake also… Glad all is good with you!

  2. Sounds wonderful, Cynthia! I definitely need a “pj and waffle” day. I’ve been so busy lately and now with holidays upon us, I don’t think life will slow down. Hope there is relief soon.
    Today should be a nice respite. Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. Good food and good people. Wishing you and your lovely family a blessed day! 🙂

    • Cynthia Matos-Medina says:

      I know how busy our regular lives are and to add the holidays, it’s crazy.
      Thankfully, I’m not hosting thanksgiving today so I’ve been able to relax a bit.
      I’m so so thankful to have cyber-met you 😉 you are so awesome 😉
      Happy thanksgiving xoxo

  3. Terri says:

    It’s always nice to have a day where you can just relax and not have the time of day calling your name. We call those days COZY DAYS! Love those! Had one last weekend and it almost turned into two days but then I started feeling guilty that the kids weren’t getting out. So we left and went out for an hour to see the world and came back to COZY DAY!

    • Cynthia Matos-Medina says:

      Hi Terri,
      Those days are few but when they come along I take complete advantage of them. Happy thanksgiving girlie.
      So thankful for you.

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