They Made Me Smile

Back again, after a week of sleeping in everyday and just relaxing, with no homework, no deadlines, and no tennis practice or tournaments, here we are again.  A new fifth grade project in the horizon, daily quest for a new dinner menu, a mountain of dirty laundry and yes, the 6 am wake up time.  We are back to normal, it was so good while it lasted.  I don’t know what it is but as soon as we got back to the grind things went back to crazy. Kids arguing and I can’t fold clothes fast enough before they are dirty again.

Tonight I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and all of a sudden I heard the kids arguing.  They were screaming and the argument was getting more and more heated, therefore, after yelling for a few minutes without getting the results I wanted, I decided to be the referee and stop this once and for all. When I got to the living room, of course with the cooking spoon in one hand and yelling in Spanish, I heard the “why” of their argument.

SON: “No! I’m will be the one finding a way to kill the cancer cells”

DAUGHTER:” NO!!! that’s my job, I’m the one that’s going to be a doctor. You are going to be a scientist.”

SON: “EXACTLY!  Scientists research and find things and I will find the way to cure cancer and then I’ll be like what-what” (rubbing his chin and winking his eyes)

DAUGHTER: (Getting right in his face)” I’ve always said I’m going to find the cure for cancer and you’ve always said you are going to invent a machine to keep mami young.”

I turned around and went back to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of Merlot and enjoyed the beautiful sound of my kids arguing about who will find the cure for cancer. For the first time ever, they made me smile with their arguing.  Arguing about making a difference and changing the world is totally fine with me. CHEERS!

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  1. that is so wonderful!!! I can take those kind of arguments!!

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