A Trip To Outer Space?

Yesterday we decided to take it easy and make it a chill Sunday. Gabriel had spent the night at his friend’s house (second sleepover ever outside of family) and his tennis match was canceled due to the unpredictable weather. My husband had to work today so it was just the three of us.
They asked me to make them homemade Mac and cheese. I did a healthy version of it and they loved it. We ate and it was time to clean the kitchen. Everyone went on to a task. Gabriel started to empty the dishwasher, Camila cleared the table and as I rinsed the dirty dishes to place them in the dishwasher, it happened, Gabriel asked, “Mami, can I have a swiss bank account?”. Everything got in slow motion. “A Swiss bank account honey? Well, I would like one too but unfortunately I didn’t win the power ball”, I replied. And as if he could sense my sarcasm he said “mami, I’m serious” To what I answered “so am I”.
A Swiss bank account…really? Whatever happened to “I want an Xbox or a bike? Lord help me. What will be next? A trip to outer space? Wish me luck, Cheers.

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2 thoughts on “A Trip To Outer Space?

  1. Oh Cynthia, your son is too much! He is one sophisticated thinker. I think Gabriel might be taking a trip to Wall Street or the White House in his future. Glad you shared this funny moment with us! 🙂

    • Cynthia Matos-Medina says:

      Hi Anka,
      Thank you so much. That’s only a fraction of the things this kid says. I have a twitter hash tag called #thingsmykidssay
      He sees himself as the future president and that is fine with me.
      The other day we were walking and out of the blues he said, “Mami, when I’m president I won’t be able to take a vacation right away. I’m going to have too much to do.” I just followed along and said, ” well honey, I’ll take that vacation for you” hahaha
      On a serious note, I know he was born for greatness.
      Thanks Anka xoxo

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