I’m Not A Helicopter Mom, I’m Just Protecting My Kids

I'm just Protecting my kids
A few days ago we, as a nation, were pleasantly surprised by the resurfacing of the three Cleveland women who had been kidnapped a decade ago. Ten years! My son was only one year old when one of them was taken. He just got back from a school trip with his fifth grade class. He was gone for 8 days and the separation anxiety nearly killed me. I can’t even try to understand what these families went through all these years.
Another woman was taken nine years ago, my daughter is nine! I can’t help but think about all the joy I have experienced all these years while these women and their families have been grieving and desperately keeping their hope alive.
A lot of people see me and probably think that I am a crazy, overprotective mom. Well, they are right. I’m crazy about my kids and I’ll do ANYTHING to protect them. Heck, they might categorize me as a helicopter mom for all I care. See, I know I won’t be able to protect them from everything but whatever is in my capacity I will do.
A couple of nights ago there was joy in the homes of these women, but often that’s not the case thanks to the terminal illness we are suffering from as a country- human trafficking. People think it is only happening in other countries where the education rate is in the single digits and where technology is scarce, not realizing that it is happening here in our own cities, in our own backyard. I’m sure we could have more good news and more celebrations in homes from more found victims if we were to look beyond the surface. Let’s pay attention to our surroundings because we could be the ones bringing the good news to a grieving family.
Stories like this, like of these Cleveland women, let me know that I’m doing my kids a service by being protective and aware of what’s going on in the world. People may look at me and think I need to loosen up a bit and that’s fine if they want to think that. I have been entrusted with my two kids and I will do anything in my power to keep them safe. I’m not a helicopter mom, I’m just protecting my kids.
I raise my glass to these families and partake in their joy, CHEERS!

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5 thoughts on “I’m Not A Helicopter Mom, I’m Just Protecting My Kids

  1. wildinvirginia says:

    I agree with you one hundred percent and these stories terrify my and make me want to weep. I’ve no idea how I’ll ever find the balance to enable my daughter to grow independently and confidently.

    And how right you are about these incidents, trafficing, luring then keeping captive through physical imprisonment, drug dependency, economic control or just plain fear and no where to escape to, all happening right in our own backyards. We don’t want to see it, recognise it or even think about it. Even as a fairly conservative person when it comes to things like promiscuoty and deviant sexual behaviour, I’ve always been a legalize brothels girl. Ensure women are safe and receive health care, are there of free will and are protected from their clients. It won’t halt the crimes of under age sec and some people thrive on the evil of the sleazy and forbidden and wouldn’t use legal establishments. But legalizing venues would at least free up valuable police and FBI and international agencies to tackle those issues.

    We live in scary times – the scariest part being that people don’t want to think these things happen – all over the world but here too. Nor that that really respectable neighbors, teachers, churchgoers or clergyman is just as likely to be involved in some way. The bad guys live among us and don’t look like evil predators. Sad, sad times but at least we have new forms of social media in which we can talk about these things. . And well done you lady for doing just that.

    • Cynthia Matos-Medina says:

      It is such a dark subject, that we rather ignore. The thing is that, once we know, we are responsible for doing something about it. We (Americans) live is denial of our own wickedness. It sickens me to know this evil acts happen so close to us and we are so oblivious. But like I say, once we know, we are responsible.

      • wildinvirginia says:

        It’s so much easier to believe these dreadful things happen elsewhere, that we can’t do anything so try to rid ourselves of the need to recognize it. It’s much the same with abuse, neglect and abduction of children…. it happens to children from uncaring, irresponsible families right? Therefore it can never happen to our kids because that’s not us. Hmmm. I think the thing with any social action is to empower people to help, to give people the tools to help. People need simple steps on what they can do to impact a situation. Because you’re absolutely right – it is our responsibility. We have no right to weep, to worry, to listen to a news story and comment on it’s tragedy. … and then move on. We all share a responsibility for making this a better world. We’ll Googlemail recipes, celebrity news, watch YouTube for ours but wont give the same time to researching a social cause and acting. Why is that? A feeling of pointlessness? NOTHING in this world happened without effort. Cynthia you’ve drawn your line in the sand and I respect and admire you so much for that. Inspiring others to act and showing them how makes you Wonder Woman in my mind. Anytime you want to publicise what individuals should and could be doing, however large or small, you let me know and I’ll publicise and use every resource I have to support you.

      • Cynthia Matos-Medina says:

        You are so amazing!
        You have encourage me to be more vocal in this blog. I used to blog about human trafficking and people would get freaked out but i will start talking more about it here.
        THANK YOU!

      • wildinvirginia says:

        No lady, you’re the amazing one with such a strong voice in so many ways. The world could do with more of you xo

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