Abercrombie & Fitch: My Kids Are Too Cool For You

Abercrombie & Fitch

I haven’t been the one to constantly be offering my two cents on politics or any other controversial issues. However, today I can’t keep quiet. Abercrombie & Fitch really stroke a cord in me this week. The comments perfunctorily made by this company’s CEO really show how shallow and irresponsible he is, reflecting badly on his company. I understand branding and marketing but to go as far as naming his target market “the cool kids” makes me angry. What is that saying to the kid that will never be a size 2? What is the message being heard by that girl and boy who has been struggling with self-image issues and/or eating disorders?
It is really obvious to me that he doesn’t understand what civic responsibility is, which is shocking to me because you would think a person in his position is educated enough to know this.
I am a mother of two kids. My daughter is a gorgeous tennis player, and she may never be a size 2, how can one know? But she is cool as heck. My son might fit your target but he is way wiser than you and that makes him way too cool.
Mr. Jeffries, as citizens of humanity we have a responsibility to do the right thing for ourselves as well as for others and that, by the way, is civic responsibility. When your career places you in a position where your words and actions can make an impact on millions of people you better think before you speak. My problem with you is not your marketing strategy; is your insensitive way of communicating it. Next time before you open your mouth, THINK!
I will never buy your clothes and my kids will never wear your clothes again. I refuse to give business to a company whose leader is so irresponsible and careless. Abercrombie & Fitch: my kids are too cool for you.

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3 thoughts on “Abercrombie & Fitch: My Kids Are Too Cool For You

  1. Bill Purcell says:

    Now that (your post) is cool.

    Thanks, Bill (Liam’s Dad) & Liam       “Hello Again -Good Day to You! Your skies are Grey? I hope they’re blue!” -Herb Oscar Anderson/77 AM Radio -1960’s NY

  2. wildinvirginia says:

    Sadly, I think that guy knew exactly what he was doing when he made those comments and their sales are going to go through the roof. Kids don’t care about ethics nearly as much as they do being cool. Sheeplike wannabes and needtobes will keep buying unless their parents are able to teach them taking a stand against this kind of bullying, judgementalusm and pressure are to be challenged. Would love to see gangs of ‘cool kids’ outside A&F stores, taking a stand.

    I posted on my FB page:

    “Hmmm…. realize I actually have an old pair of Abercrombie and Fitch jeans. I could fit into them, but it wouldn’t be pretty. Am torn between using them to wash the floor or squeezing into them and going to stand outside an A&F store just to piss ’em off. Ultimately, I think I’m just too cool for A&F tho ….. think I’ll just toss ’em :)”

    If there’s other muffin top Mama’s out there who don’t mind ridiculing themselves in order to stick it to them, I think A&F would be mightily unhappy that a group of very uncool, ‘should stick to their Mom jeans’, definitely not our target market women raid the closets of the cool kids and take over the malls of America. Betchya the kids wouldn’t be seen dead in their clothes if all the Mom’s wore them lol

    Anyone up for some civil disobedience?

  3. gavmomof2 says:

    Agreed! Kids have enough social pressures and this is certainly not the way to help them. Did you see H&M launched a full figure model campaign? Their model is 24 and beautiful! She was on GMA this morning. I’m so tired of this SKINNY movement. When I was In Spain last summer, I saw a report where they talked about rejecting models that are UNDER a certain weight to participate in fashion shows. I thought that was great. Wish all these crazy people would realize we are all different and it doesn’t matter. The world would be a better place if young kids learned this early in life! Sheesh! ~maria

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