A wife for the past thirteen years and a mother for eleven.
A singer/songwriter all my life.
A Human Rights advocate from the moment I understood how blessed I am.
I have been blessed with the best husband a wife can have. He is my best friend and partner in life. He puts up with me and my hormones and for that I’m grateful.
I have two gorgeous kids. My son Gabriel is 10 and my daughter Camila is 9. Yes, they are 17 months apart. It was crazy the first three years but now it’s great. They make me laugh everyday and most life lessons I learn from them.
I am a singer/songwriter. I love singing, it is my passion. In 2009 I was nominated along with my two amazing sisters (PROMISSA) for a Latin Grammy Award with our album “Poquito a Poco”. You can check us out at
Singing is my platform so I can raise awareness about Human Trafficking.
Once I realized how many people live in slavery today in the 21st century, 27 million to be exact, I couldn’t help feeling the need to make a difference. Most of the 27 million victims are women and children trafficked to be used in the sex industry. It is my mission to be their freedom.

I also sell the best products in the world. Natural supplements from organic farms that my family and I consume. Amazing cleaning products as well. The skin care products are unbelievable so check it out:

You can find me on Twitter @CynthiaSMatos and @promissamusic





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