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A “Thank You” Note To Dr. Carl June

photo (1)This is a note I wrote to Dr. Carl June a few months ago.

Dear Doctor June,
My name is Cynthia Medina. I reside in California. with my family.
For a long time my kids, Gabriel 10 and Camila 9, have said what they want to be when they grow up. Gabriel has told us that he is going to be a scientist that will invent a machine to stop me from getting old (you can just imagine how hopeful that makes me) :). On the other hand, Camila has always said that she will be a kid’s doctor and that she will find the cure for cancer. For a few years now we’ve gotten used to the idea; however, the other day something happened.
My son came home from school and sat on the computer to research a doctor from Japan that his teacher had been talking about in class. My son told me that his teacher said this Japanese doctor was able to re-train a cancer cell to kill itself. To be honest with you, I haven’t read anything on it and we can’t even find anything about it online, but my son can’t stop talking about it.  Now that my son knows that scientists can do these tricky things and can help people with their findings, he wants to be the one to find a cure for cancer.  And there goes my hope for eternal youth. During his research for the Japanese doctor, he came across your article “Chimeric Antigen Receptor-Modified T Cells in Chronic Lymphoid Leukemia”.  He read a little bit and, together with me, googled most of it to be able to understand the terminology.  Since that day , he has been talking about Dr. Carl June. 
He is now working on a school project called “Using Your Wits”. For this project he has to pick a person and explain how he/she used his/her wits and what difference that has made or will make in the world. Guess what Dr. June? My son has picked you.  He is starting his report about Dr. Carl June, the doctor who was able to cure a person from Leukemia. 
The reason for this note is to let you know that you have inspired my son to be great. You have enlightened his young mind with wonder and desire. He wants to know more, he wants to do more and that’s because of what you have already accomplished. While you were working on your studies, you probably never thought a ten year old boy was going to read your article and would be inspired to do even greater things.
For that, I just want to thank you.
Cynthia Medina
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They Made Me Smile

Back again, after a week of sleeping in everyday and just relaxing, with no homework, no deadlines, and no tennis practice or tournaments, here we are again.  A new fifth grade project in the horizon, daily quest for a new dinner menu, a mountain of dirty laundry and yes, the 6 am wake up time.  We are back to normal, it was so good while it lasted.  I don’t know what it is but as soon as we got back to the grind things went back to crazy. Kids arguing and I can’t fold clothes fast enough before they are dirty again.

Tonight I was in the kitchen cooking dinner and all of a sudden I heard the kids arguing.  They were screaming and the argument was getting more and more heated, therefore, after yelling for a few minutes without getting the results I wanted, I decided to be the referee and stop this once and for all. When I got to the living room, of course with the cooking spoon in one hand and yelling in Spanish, I heard the “why” of their argument.

SON: “No! I’m will be the one finding a way to kill the cancer cells”

DAUGHTER:” NO!!! that’s my job, I’m the one that’s going to be a doctor. You are going to be a scientist.”

SON: “EXACTLY!  Scientists research and find things and I will find the way to cure cancer and then I’ll be like what-what” (rubbing his chin and winking his eyes)

DAUGHTER: (Getting right in his face)” I’ve always said I’m going to find the cure for cancer and you’ve always said you are going to invent a machine to keep mami young.”

I turned around and went back to the kitchen, poured myself a glass of Merlot and enjoyed the beautiful sound of my kids arguing about who will find the cure for cancer. For the first time ever, they made me smile with their arguing.  Arguing about making a difference and changing the world is totally fine with me. CHEERS!

til next time,


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