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I’m Not A Helicopter Mom, I’m Just Protecting My Kids

I'm just Protecting my kids
A few days ago we, as a nation, were pleasantly surprised by the resurfacing of the three Cleveland women who had been kidnapped a decade ago. Ten years! My son was only one year old when one of them was taken. He just got back from a school trip with his fifth grade class. He was gone for 8 days and the separation anxiety nearly killed me. I can’t even try to understand what these families went through all these years.
Another woman was taken nine years ago, my daughter is nine! I can’t help but think about all the joy I have experienced all these years while these women and their families have been grieving and desperately keeping their hope alive.
A lot of people see me and probably think that I am a crazy, overprotective mom. Well, they are right. I’m crazy about my kids and I’ll do ANYTHING to protect them. Heck, they might categorize me as a helicopter mom for all I care. See, I know I won’t be able to protect them from everything but whatever is in my capacity I will do.
A couple of nights ago there was joy in the homes of these women, but often that’s not the case thanks to the terminal illness we are suffering from as a country- human trafficking. People think it is only happening in other countries where the education rate is in the single digits and where technology is scarce, not realizing that it is happening here in our own cities, in our own backyard. I’m sure we could have more good news and more celebrations in homes from more found victims if we were to look beyond the surface. Let’s pay attention to our surroundings because we could be the ones bringing the good news to a grieving family.
Stories like this, like of these Cleveland women, let me know that I’m doing my kids a service by being protective and aware of what’s going on in the world. People may look at me and think I need to loosen up a bit and that’s fine if they want to think that. I have been entrusted with my two kids and I will do anything in my power to keep them safe. I’m not a helicopter mom, I’m just protecting my kids.
I raise my glass to these families and partake in their joy, CHEERS!

til next time,

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And Then, He Said It…

Gabriel and Camila with Social Medina
I know it is not breaking news to any of you the fact that my adorable kids argue. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, they argue.
Arguments over the smallest things like who takes the first sip of juice even when I serve them at the same time. Sometimes they don’t even know why they are argue. But then again, that you already know. I’ve written about this issues before but nothing like this. Yesterday Gabriel and Camila’s arguing escalated to a point I never thought it could. As they were fighting about who was getting the bathtub and who was getting the shower, I heard something I never thought I would hear. apparently Gabriel ran out of mean things to say to Camila and then, he said it. Camila in a panic marinated scream says to me; “MAAAMI, GABRIEL SAID HE IS NOT GOING TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM”
When did social media become the way we measure how popular or liked we are? Why is the fact that Gabriel won’t follow her on instagram so threatening to her? Why does he feel so empowered by his prerogative? Has our ability to relate, communicate and impact others, been reduced to a number of followers?
Although these questions were in my mind all I could answer was; “Here is a snapchat for both of you, if you don’t stop fighting I’m going to un-follow both you.”
Who has the upper hand now? CHEERS!

til next time,

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