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And Then, He Said It…

Gabriel and Camila with Social Medina
I know it is not breaking news to any of you the fact that my adorable kids argue. From the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep, they argue.
Arguments over the smallest things like who takes the first sip of juice even when I serve them at the same time. Sometimes they don’t even know why they are argue. But then again, that you already know. I’ve written about this issues before but nothing like this. Yesterday Gabriel and Camila’s arguing escalated to a point I never thought it could. As they were fighting about who was getting the bathtub and who was getting the shower, I heard something I never thought I would hear. apparently Gabriel ran out of mean things to say to Camila and then, he said it. Camila in a panic marinated scream says to me; “MAAAMI, GABRIEL SAID HE IS NOT GOING TO FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM”
When did social media become the way we measure how popular or liked we are? Why is the fact that Gabriel won’t follow her on instagram so threatening to her? Why does he feel so empowered by his prerogative? Has our ability to relate, communicate and impact others, been reduced to a number of followers?
Although these questions were in my mind all I could answer was; “Here is a snapchat for both of you, if you don’t stop fighting I’m going to un-follow both you.”
Who has the upper hand now? CHEERS!

til next time,

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I Dig It

I don’t know what’s going on with me but lately I have been thinking, more often than not, about every connection I make. I’m at a point in my life where I feel a sense of urgency. I feel as if I was running out of time and needed to make every minute count. Is a “don’t waste your time on what’s not important”  kind of thing.

It’s been interesting in a way because now I find myself reflecting on every smile I give or get and every word exchange.  I have become aware of meaningful connections.
Questions like, “why did I meet this person? Why did this person come into my life? Am I suppose to fulfill a purpose in this person’s life?”
I mean, what’s going on?
I didn’t want to link these feelings to the quickly approaching 40’s, just because I didn’t want to go there.  Maybe I’m getting older after all! Didn’t see that one coming 🙂

When I spoke with my therapist about what I was feeling she said that, considering this particular chronological time in my life, it sounded as if I was in or about to go through what she calls “transition period”, which some people also refer to as “midlife crisis.”  “But I thought midlife crisis was about getting the red corvette and wanting to be twenty again” I said.  She went on to explain what transition period is and how it is different for everybody.
Who knew, midlife crisis or “transition period” could actually be good. I’m trying to make each minute I’m in contact with someone count.  If that’s what my midlife crisis is about, then I dig it 😉 CHEERS!
til next time,
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