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The Rise of The Guardians

Warning:  Keep out of reach of children (Adult content)
Have you seen the movie Rise of The Guardians? The one with Santa, the tooth fairy and so on? Well, in my opinion, that movie was intended to keep giving Santa the credit for all those amazing gifts YOU buy and the tooth fairy for that dollar bill (or $5 bill when I can’t find change, not to mention the time I had to leave a $20 one) YOU leave under the pillow when your baby looses a tooth. And deep inside I want my babies to believe. I think I just want to hold on to their innocence and the magic of it all.
Over the holidays one night while tucking my son in bed he asked, “Mami,  are you the tooth fairy?” Mind you he is ten, do you really think he doesn’t know who the tooth fairy is? Anyway, he asked. I thought so many thoughts at once, “this is finally the time I can come clean and be liberated”, but instead my answer was “do you believe she is real?” To what he replied, “uhmm, I think Santa is, but I think you are the tooth fairy.” Of course we are having this conversation a few days before Christmas and a few days after he had lost a tooth. He had already gotten his money from the tooth fairy and Santa was about to hook him up with a cool gift. (Yes, Santa only leaves ONE gift in this house. And the rest, the most expensive ones, are from MOM and DAD – Santa is not taking ALL the credit).  I know I just made the naughty list, but I don’t care…normally I’m on it by the end of January anyway. So what’s a couple of weeks? 🙂
Continuing with my story, I answered ” Well,  if I were you I would continue to believe. The moment you stop believing, the moment the magic ends.” To top it all off, he had asked Santa for a bike, which Santa brought to him. The only mistake Santa made was to leave it in the box that said “a toys r us brand.” Gabriel saw it and said “but if Santa brought this why does it say ‘a toys r us brand’?”
Really kid! Stop and keep milking it like you’ve been for years! You are going to tell me you really think there is a big fat man wearing a red velvet suit living in the North Pole with thousands of elves building toys for a whole year? Oh and that he sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake…?, come on!” Of course that was all in my head and what I really said was “honey, maybe santa wanted to also help the economy and buy at toys are us.” He looked at me and moved on to open another present.
I know he knows, but believing is working out real good for him 😉
So here is to believing…or not. CHEERS!
Til next time,
Do you believe?
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